Frequently Asked Questions about Lever 2000

1. Can I use Lever 2000 bar on my body and face?

Yes. Lever 2000 soap is designed for whole body use. You may recall our tagline “For All Your 2000 Parts”.

2. The Lever 2000 bar soap pack I usually buy looks smaller, am I still getting the same amount of product?

Yes, you are still getting the same amount of soap in your pack as always. As you noticed, Lever 2000 is in new packaging. The bar soap is now wrapped instead of boxed. While the wrapper takes up less space on your shelf, and the shape of your bar has changed, the bar size remains the same size as always. You are still getting 4 oz bars or 3.15 oz bars, depending on which you buy.

3. Has the Lever 2000 formulation changed?

Yes, you may notice that the formula and bar shape have changed. We want you to know that we have developed this improved formulation to give you a slightly different lather experience while still being safe on your skin for the same great refreshing shower that you expect from Lever. We assure you that the Lever 2000 bar you have come to know and love still provides a refreshingly clean feel.

4. Has the fragrance in Lever 2000 bar soap changed?

No. While we have made changes to the bar soap recently, the fragrance signatures of the Original and Aloe & Cucumber fragrances remain the same.

5. Does Lever 2000 still carry the 4oz size?

Yes. You can purchase our 4 oz bar soap in both Original and Aloe & Cucumber scents. Please visit our products page to find out where you can purchase your favorite product.

Lever2000 Cleans Very Good

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